Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Surrogate Work Spouse

6 hours of sleep, 15 hours of work, 2hrs+ of being on the road...there's something so wrong with the equation. Whatever happened to ME/ US time? If i'm lucky, a few hrs may be shaved off from work, and that translates to working on mundane chores or grabbing a meal. Breathless, yet many others like me are doing it. Feel very angsty each time I see others whiling their time away or taking breaks all the time. Why can't I do that too? Well technically I can, but financially, it's another story altogether.

An article in the recent Sunday Times evoked a lot of thoughts. Entitled "Modern office marriages", the article looked into the lives of many modern day colleagues who would qualify as "work spouses". Typically they are colleagues of the opposite sex who are platonic pals but simply because they see each other probably more than their spouses, they have become the surrogate spouse. They have termed it sexily -- "work spouse". Honestly, I don't like the sound of it. I think it's a dirty word. U never know what may develop. What started off as an odd relationship dynamics may end up being an yin and yang, matchmade in heaven situation. In a 2008 study by CareerBuilder.com found that one in 10 workers had office marriage, with 20 per cent saying that their actual spouse or significant other gets jealous of their work spouse. Well who wouldn't be if you are 3/4 of the time interacting with this person? Been teasing the hubs about this. It used to that he is in a male dominated environment, but now, it's a good mix of yin and yang. The fact that he's been boozing and "networking" a lot and often back just to sleep, is giving me wild thoughts about this work spouse issue (be it homosexual or heterosexual). Need to snap out of things and not entertain such wild thoughts. Should be channeling my energy to more productive things, namely -- SLEEP!


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