Friday, August 27, 2010

The language of love

A healthy relationship is one that encompasses love, concern and communication. Clearly, certain factors are missing in mine. Communicate more, pretend less -- that's probably what the love guru would say. However, how does one communicate if the other half comes home (mainly to sleep and shower) in the wee hours of the morning and with the other half leaving for work early in the day? Some may say it's due to the pace of life and work, but I beg to defer. Proper planning on a day to day basis is simply the rule of thumb in making things work and showing respect to anyone. I certainly do not appreciate last minute notification and fake make-up lines thereafter. I've seen several couples making it a point to have a date night every wk/ doing things together/ looking forward to a trip to Maldives or Bali at the end of the year. Such things are probably what I need to keep me going. Motivation. It's lacking. This year is especially daunting. Playing mind games is frustrating when he displays blissful indifference. Before you get overly concerned, there are no irreconcilable problems, am just wondering where's that warm fuzzy feeling that can only come from someone special? At the time of writing, he's once again lying in bed, probably dreaming of the leggy girl he met at YOG's closing ceremony. No, the jealous monster isn't creeping up on me. Roving eyes are prevalent and you can't stop men from ogling. Afterall, I ogle and cute men most of the time too! It's been probably more than a month since we had proper meal together, and 8 months since we planned anything like a holiday together. N yet, plans to go globe trotting with friends are in the making. Blame-worthy? Prolly not in his dictionary. No wonder even the mil forgot how i look like when I walked past her one fine morning. To justify, I was dressed no where near a clown. Perhaps I should buy myself another ticket to far-faraway land again to relegate the past to where it belongs. How else can I continue with having this indomitable spirit?

I think I need some form of therapy to heal this psychological scar. Retail therapy don't seem to work these days. Even mum is worried. We don't share all that much, but telepathy tells it all. I've lost my appetite on several occasions and sleep seems to hate me these days. Was thankful that I managed to doze off at 1am before a certain someone ambled back home @ 2, with all lights inconsiderately switched on. Thanks to that, I'm now blogging. Wonder when will the zzz monster visit me again? This is seriously having detrimental effects on health.

Love, at its most glorifying is about total acceptance. I can only hope that one day that certain someone will get round to appreciate me more (show not tell).

What is your language of love? Mine is probably speaking a foreign one.


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