Tuesday, February 05, 2008

13 Dec --Our mth long honeymoon in the States begins!

I finally saw those tress we always see on movies!
OH MY GOSH! FAt burger's Oreo Shake ROCKZ!

I think we overordered. But a look around, everyone is doing the same! Wastage @ its peak!
Oh beer! Glorious Beer!

Been back for a couple of wks now, but engine still can't seem to get fully charged. Perhaps been away for too long, mountains of things start to accumulate. Finally got the time to sit down and get started on blogging the events down before I forget. Yes, age is kicking in, I'm becoming a wee bit forgetful. Hv to write down little notes to remind me what I have to do the next day. With the Lunar New Year round the corner, it doesn't help, coz the stress is overwhelming.

Alright, back to the honeymoon escapade:

Departed from Changi Airport (too bad it wasn't fm T3) @ 950am on 13 Dec 2007. MIL was nice to drive us there at abt 630am. well, I left the car for her to use anyway. The flight was long but nice, coz food was just right in front of me each time i wake up from a nap! We arrived at Japan Narita Airport @ 540pm. Din get to go Duty free to check out the Hello Kitties (not exactly a big fan but still, Japan leh!) coz had to board the plane again at 605pm. It was pretty dumb coz all of us had to disembark n board again. DUH. Finally after god knows how many hours (i tink total was 15hrs), we arrived at LA International Airport. LAX.

At LAX: Had a rented car waiting for us. Had to lug 4 huge luggages up the shuttle to head on to the rental section. I m very impressed by their transport n systematic ways. We rented a mid size, boy! It wasn't exactly the type of mid size i had in mind! It was like an SUV. in fact i tink it was! I mean something like my baby Vios would be a compact in the States! anyway, it wasn't getting early, we were both super shack from the flight, though we watched movies after movies ie Rush hour 1, 2, 3 (Oh man, Chris Tucker was hilarious...born in the year of the rat??..haha), Secret...sad show.... So off we went in search of our hotel along Hollywood Blvd. oooooooooooo I'm about to stay with the STARS!. YAH RITE.dream on babe! it's Hollywood Inn Express we were staying, which was in the middle of Thai town. not exactly the best "Suite" one can imagine for a honeymoon, but beggars can't be choosers. N surprisingly, all the so called inns and motels are all huge in the states! they all come with King size beds for us to roll in! *raise eyebrows*. Along the way, we passed by Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica, and poor us, were hungry again!. So we had to stop for a snack. Guess what was it? No prize for the winner la..it's BURGER. what else. It's FAT BURGER. I din exactly like it, but i LOVE their orea shake. They used PURE icecream to blend. SINFUL!. Dinner was great. well anything's great when u are hungry. It was a huge plate of crabmeat (I dun mean the dodo brand fish meat u get in SG, IT"S REAL CRABMEAT) fried rice and Tom yam soup, cooked by authentic Thais but flavoured for the westerners. Wasn't spicy enuff but with a beer or two, anything tastes good. Dont understand why they've gotto make it in such huge portions. even the americans can't finish!. Anyhow dinner ended pretty early and we were asleep by about 8pm. SNORE.................


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