Saturday, February 16, 2008

Meeting the Ross family -- Philladelphia

Cool right? having a nicely decorated house for Xmas. Apparently, decorations are big over in the States, with many inflatables
Neil's Pride and Joy-- mobile home
Isn't she just Adorable??
The Culprit who slammed onto my leg in the middle of my sleep!
Neil and Ai-ni

now now...let's see, which day of my honeymoon am I at now?'s 21/12....ok, we were losing track of time but who cares, it's my HONEYMOON! After all the fun at Vegas, we got ready and left for Philly. The weather condition on the last day was amazing! it's as if a storm was hitting this dessert. In fact, the night b4, we went to Hard Rock n sand started blowing into my eyes. OUCH! Anyway, before we left, i insist that we went to Denny's one more time for our meal but after searching for nearly half an hour, there wasn't a Denny's or Mac in sight and we were very near the airport already. so we went back to the Strip where there's a Denny's, wanted to dine there but there was a huge q. it was freezing that day n the wind was so strong, the road signage were coming off. The police had to cordon an area to prevent any accident from happening. End up, we went to find uncle Ronald and had our burgers! There was a 1/2hr delay for the flight. n the code sharing between United airways n American airlines caused us much confusion. after sorting out which plane we were supposed to board, we went up. BOy do i appreciate SQ and now know why it's one of the top airline in the world!!! United was so lok kork!it was a small plane n the 4 hour flight was extremely bumpy. There wasn't any beverage except water n coke since it's cheap. no food. nothing. n if u wanan watch tv, they have a central tv along the aisle but u need to purchase ear phones at USD5 from them! crazy. best of all, they din have any free alchohol. how am i to know that! i ordered myself baileys n had to pay USD5 for at miniature bottle!> ass. anyway, after approximately 4 to 5 hours, we arrived. It was approximately midnite but Neil n wife Maryann were real nice to come pick us. Mary was in her fluffy mink coat and she gave me a huge bear hug. made me feel really welcome. Went straight on for dinner at a bar. Yum, the burger n appetizers n beer were great!

Arrived at their house which was located in the suburbs of's a two storey house with a basement which housed 2 adults, a child (Cameron), 1 fat dog (nitny) and 2 fat cats! That night, we were sleeping in the living room on the sofa bed when suddenly i felt a slam on my leg. Thinking that it was my dearest who slammed me with his leg, i sat up in a shock and wanted to slap him. only to realise it wasn't him! It was Snuggles! the cat!Haha..i was at her spot apparently.


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