Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 2 -- Universal Studio & the Walk of Fame

Remember Forest Gump?

I told u it wasn't cheap, luckily we had coupons n had a discount of $4!
Waterworld. It was a fabulous performance! Whilst waiting for the show to start, the performers entertained us with their hilarious antics
Flash Flood.
hmmm it was getting late. which way to go?
Chinese Theatre looking grand.
Several prints were made on the flooring in front of the Chinese Theatre. There was some familiar prints! Even John Woo was there!
Day 2: Woke up super early. 6am n the both of us were rolling about in bed. Hey..not what u think la..it's a bit too early for that. Went to recee the place and found Mac Donalds. They had interesting stuff. Ate the Mac Girdle which was actually like Mac muffin just that the burger is soaked in maple syrup and it has a nicer bite...Darling dearest had the Mc Skillet which was actually burito. Nice on the first bite, but thereafter it's gets a little overwhelmingly flour-y!

After a hearty b/f, we went to Universal Studio. we were there at 8am n they were closed. But that's good, coz we went round takin shots. Boy did we managed to get some nice shots. But we couldn't bum around till 10am thus we drove out to Ventura Blvd to check it out. I thought there were some nice shops at that place according to my online research but i guess it's either bogus or it closed down. nevertheless, it was interesting to dr around. Finally we went back at 10am, n SHIT LA, we had to pay $10 parking!! But okok, it was worthwhile coz we spent the whole day there. The tix wasn't exactly cheap though. We bump into Spongebob, spiderman n several other characters. Saw the infamous Waterworld. THat was realli a sight. also hopped on the tram to tour the studios. It's so amazing that they erected the whole town from Desperate Housewife and created a plane crash scene from War of the Worlds. it's also equally amazing when we stopped by this slope where the tour guide "Made" it flood! it was a flash flood which was real!ever imagined how the fires in subways were sparked? well they did a live demonstration n boy was it hot!we also caught a glimpse of the various vehicles used in movies and the set of fast n Furious. we then went on to the special effects section where they demonstrated how some effects were done. they made a "wolf" come to life! We later visited this place called DRIFT where there was an explosion (meant to be of coz). it was all 100% real! the fire was super hot. Drift i think was name after this show about air trapped in placed like a lift or room, causing great explosion when the door opens to allow oxygen to enter. U can imagine the impact. It totally rocked! Universal was super huge, but it was soon dark (it was only 4+pm though), and we decided to head off. Contemplated to eat at Hard Rock but thought of doing the walk of Fame along Hollywood blvd. So off we went. Prior to that, we saw in the mag that there's this place called Pig N whistler n though we should try out. It was near Chinese Theatre. We found it but it looked ex, went to Hooters but it was packed, n ended up having more buritos at Baja Franchise. Some mexican food. THe portion was yet again, HUGE. now why am i not surprised.


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