Saturday, February 16, 2008

NEW YORK CITY here we come!

New York City.. Crossing the Washington Bridge

yes, the empire state building is closed for reno. But it doesnt matter. U have to pay to go up!
Firemen are a big thing. There were like 2 to 3 fire engines along the read with whole lot of hoo ha but no fire!!
Time Square. Ten years ago, my baby was here with his frens counting down to the New year. Now he's with me. :-)

Departed for New york City at 730am. Yawn yawn. packed some of our barang and hopped on that 20 yr old jeep. was nice of Neil to lend us his trusty jeep. Arrived at destination at 10am. Stopped and had BK along the way. Met up with Jiazhou and wanted to go Ellis Island but there was a super long q. Walked to 5th avenue, wall street, Rockerfella, Bryan Park, central Park, Madison, Time Square, all within that day. We covered it all in one day so what was there to do the next?haha. Ate Chinese food that night. hey..not bad ok. opened by Taiwanese. had chicken, duck, brinjal, bubble tea and fried rice. Went out of New york city to look for place to stay. got a little lot and coz it was raining, we stopped at Marriot. Gosh i love the place!

next day 27/12, wanted to go Liberty but Chou was sick. Thus we headed to Woodbury instead. THere was a jam @ Washington bridge, as usual. left @ 1130am o go to new york but reached at 2pm!!! Had dunkin donuts for breakfast and headed for shopping. by the way, donuts were damn sweet!Bought loads of things. there are over 200 stores at Woodbury. Dinner was seafood udon. it was nice. but ex. USD$10. Searched n stayed at ulu hotel along Route 17 @ Chester. Real dark but not bad a place...with even a microwave, fridge, bathtub n a king size bed. (ie. holidayInn Express)


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