Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 6 & 7 -- HUAT AH!!!

Volcanic eruption @ The Mirage

So Romantic...N Expensive!
At Casears' PalaceThe Rip off Buffet ..but the clams were excellent and there were crabs too! Eat until leopard crawl

Day 6: After winning some money on the slot machine, we decided to treat ourselves to a sumptuous buffet lunch at Plannet Hollywood casino. The food there generally is cheaper than other parts of US. we paid onli $16.99 per pax for the buffet. it was quite a feast, only problem, my feet was extremely swollen by then. I had to hide in the toilet to take out those boots and relax my poor feet!! Heng the toilet was nice and clean! nxt we went to seach for the Las Vegas outlet @ Charleston but to no avail. Saw many nice landed properties on the outskirts. As it was getting dark by 4pm, we decided to go back to the Strip to see the Mirage Volanic eruption. It was magnificent. By day, it's a water feature, by night, it transformed into a volcano which erupt every hour at the hour. It was a play of lights and fire. Before that, we had to try our luck of course....guess what? Lady luck wasn't smiling at us this time. we lost money and settled dinner at Denny's.

Day 7 (19/2): Set off early for Hooverdam. luckily we weren't stupid enuff to sign up some package and take the little plan or helicopter up there. It was a steep drive but the structure was amazing. Can't imagine how those ppl built that dam in those days. After walking around (ourselves. once again, we weren't stupid enuff to hop on those tours which cost $$), we headed for the long awaited VEGAS OUTLET!!! Searched high and low for a nice pair of sneakers but ended up buyin Sketchers @ Fashion Mall. Comfort finally dawned my feet! my poor aching swollen feet! Now i can RUn, jump, sprint! We visited the Venitian which was quite a place. there were shopping galore eg Gucci, kate spade etc etc....but of coz, it's ur mini paragon, thus the price was a little out of reach too. The place was nicely decorated in Venice style, with gondola and people singing whilst rowing the gondola. Dinner was settled at Casears Palace. stupid us, didn't know that alcoholic beverages were chargeable and ended up chalking up a bill of over US$100+!!! End up, sweetie got real pissed and went to gamble roulette and won $100! My Hero!


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