Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pre Xmas Party @ Allentown

Outside Tom and Priscilla's house
Bethelham Downtown

Dearest playing pinball at Neil's basement
Holding a slab of snow for the first time in my life!

Allentown is approximately an hour and a half's drive from Neil's house. we were cordially invited to Tom and Priscilla's house (two new frens whom we've never met) for the pre xmas party of the year. apparently, they host two parties each yr. one in the summer and the other during winter. People from everywhere will come. N it was a real experience coz i saw SNOW! YES SNOW! it was cold, about 40 F. Their house was huge, with a basement that had a pool table, a lounge area and a workshop to do some handiwork. oh n there was a jackport machine too!hehe..seems like gaming is quite big for these folks. Neil also has a whole lot of Arcade machines in his basement. With games like pinball and that shooting game we used to play when we were kids..oh n mini bowling! Who needs to sleep in that house! not to mention the beer was just within reach coz the basement had a fridge too!

The party was interesting, with many people not knowing exactly where or what is Singapore!The food was great and in fact, we were gonna try to make those BBQ honey chix wings in slowpot when we get back! The next day, Sunday, we went to visit the quiet little town of Bethelham, where Jesus. We watched a cute little skit about Jesus Story, put up at the Putz (some cathedral). We left later that day as there wasn't much to do (NO SHOPPING). It was 60F..very comfortable and hot by my darling's standards. WEnt back to Neil's town and had seafood at Lew's Place. haha, the funny thing is, they pronounce my darling's surname liew as Loo and Lew as Loo as well. Phonetically, i guess we are a little different. Had seafood there

! the clam chowder was great and the little neck clams were amazing!!!!!Very sweet. Would really love to have more! But as usual, portion was huge. but u know what? I FINISHED MY FOOD!


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