Saturday, February 16, 2008

Christmas day! 25 December 2007

Shopping @ Limerick. With your usual Nike, Adidas, Coach, Charlotte Russe (my fav) etc etc
Nitney wondering who is the new kid on the block (Marryann's Xmas present from Neil..isn't that sweet)
Big Bird!
Honey relaxing at the backyard with a beer. Dont we all wish everyday can be like that?
Just look at the amount of sugar put on the table! how not to put on weight?

25/12: We slept till almost 10am that day. Work up and the Ross family were already up and preparing food. I thought they were busy making breakfast. But alas! it was xmas dinner which they were actually making. They skipped breakfast and i wondered why. Later i realised why. It was the feast they were waiting for! It's somewhat like our chinese new year reunion dinner. It was to be held at Mary's sis's (Patty's) place. which was only next door. It was pretty amazing, we had the traditional turkey with stuffings and ham and loads of sweet desserts like cheesecake. "dinner" started at 2pm and we ate n ate n ate till 4 or 5pm. hung around and watched tv whilst they played Jeopardy (simpson's style). Halfway, i had a running nose n din feel too good. Perhaps it was sinus acting up, but i feel feverish and had to go take a nap. Slept all the way till 9pm!

24/12: All this talk about food and I've actually forgotten to update u about my shopping!! Gosh. So sorry! How could I. BAcktrack: on the eve of Xmas, we went SHOPPING @ Limerick. Bought shoes and lovely dresses at Charlotte russe. Really love their stuff. N bought myself a beautiful kate spade handbag. checked out King of Prussia but it's a place for the rich. It's the same as the outlets, only no discounts!Hahah Hubby bought a tee at Limerick for USD3.99!! Happy like toad! That night, we went to the supermarket and bought some chicken breast and had a BBQ. It was realli shiok to do it in winter. n it's simple too! somehow it tasted better than in Singapore!


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