Thursday, November 13, 2008

All over the place.

The past few days had been a rollercoaster ride for me. Thinking back, was my training in Finance all a deception? Is it gonna help with this economic downturn? What was I thinking? As it was, last yr had been an ordeal, (and it still is), with loads of $$ stuck in the market. Who could predict such a turmoil? Still, after some analysis and hearsay from good friend, I plunged into it. Perhaps it's god's way of telling me that I'm not cut out for the game. Good friend was doing very well but when I came into the picture, the market conditions all changed. I know it has nothing to do with me (i'm not Alan Greenspan), but you can't help thinking if I'm that "sway". Anyway, I can only pick up the pieces and try to work hard. I still believe that whatever goes down must come up. However, coz of my purchase, sweetie hasn't been too nice with words. Constantly criticising me over my rash actions. But what does HE know? to begin with, he was the root of the problem where my cash is straped in the market. Gotto be strong and survive this crisis. Once this is over, some believe it'd go on for another year, I'll definitely see the greens!

On top of all these nonsense, I have to get ready for the new academic year. Been trying to organize my stuff ie worksheets etc.....did hell lot of photocopying and am trying to re-organise things a little. but it's just so hard. I dont know where to start and often find myself multi-tasking. even my desktop is disorganised! I use my desktop and lappy to do my work and some things which are in lappy aren't in desktop. When I do make a transfer, I get all confused coz the labels are simply too similar. URGH What's happening!? Okok...I gotto focus. need to spruce things up. That was what I told myself an hour ago. Thus, I took out my mobile hardisk and attempted to do a backup of my desktop(it's been cranking up on my lately). Guess what? Suddenly, I smelt a rubber burning smell!! OH GOSH! sweetie came to the rescue n said that he need to do somethin but dont have the necessary wires. He said that my graphics card and motherboard are almost gone! ALMOST GONE! OMG! God pls save my desktop! I've got too many valuable stuff in there!!! my latest backup was done months ago!!

Really my accelerate a little coz in a blink of an eye, my relaxing period will be over (not that i mind la!). As it is, I started on one new student today. Dejavuuuuu...her name is Abigail. Hopefully she doesn't turn out to be the other Abigail I used to teach. That one is beyond hope. This one has attitude but perhaps we haven't warmed up. Next wk's gonna be slightly busy as it's friend Chenyi's wedding. It's the most troublesome gatecrashing/ wedding coordination we had thus far. Initially the guys were to be clad in tees and jeans. Thus, to match, we gals thought of wearing jeans and a tube top. This was faced with great objection from bride's personal frens. even though there are 4 of us vs the 2 of them. To satisfy them, we proposed a tube dress..both said they looked horrid in them (they aren't fat ok). Everything kena rejected, yet they dont take the initiative to suggest! Three of us, together with the bride, took the initiative to discuss the gatecrashing games. I took down minutes and emailed everyone, delegating task to all. The 2 were assigned to buy some groceries for 酸甜苦辣 but till date, they have not said if it's fine with them. In fact, in one of their replies, they've only mentioned that she's been a sister for duno how many times n is very experienced. Have many ideas to share n will email us asap. Darling, the wedding's next Sunday, till date nothing! Plus, there's only 1/2 hour. we know our boys very well. mostly our hubbies or bfs....we definitely know them better than u do! So why bother with so many games. Just get the ang bao n call it a day! It's not that we are trying to be difficult, but they are giving a hard time too. Oh anyway, end of the day, the bride didn't want us to be clad in jeans. the boys have to be in long sleeved shirts too! Their hawaiian shirts have also been rejected. Apparently, the bride knew about it, but didn't say anything, but later, groom tells us all these. Perhaps it's the parents. I dont know. But it's really troublesome.

To destress, recently sweetie set up a new invention. check out our putting green!'s not green, but it works fine, except that it's too short.


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