Monday, November 24, 2008

Sisters power!

Bombs after bombs. First it was Xiwei's big day, and yesterday, friend Chenyi and Wendy had finally ended their 11 yrs of courtship and take a new journey together as man and wife. So happy to see the lovebirds join together in matrimony. Chenyi was so funny when taking the vows. The shy little boy in him was shining through his cheeky smile. The prep for this wedding was no easy task. I was one of the sisters and the 4 of us had some problems with the other 2 (Who weren't in the clique), who apparently rejected some of our proposals. Deciding on the dress itself was a chore. First we suggested tube tops, but they claimed they looked horrendous in them (they are not fat by the way), then we searched for other white dresses (white was the theme) but they were all rejected! Finally, the high and mighty one who did not respond to any of our emails, said something. She suggested that we go for sleeveless, knee-length white dress. SO much for trying to coordinating I guess! Also, you might wonder, why didn't she want to wear a tube top, but is ok with sleeveless? (i mean if it's a matter of looking fat, both wouldn't work right?) N later we found out, it's because they have bought a dress long long ago thus INSIST on wearing it. they apparently wear it to almost every other gatecrashin.

Before we started our sisters' meeting, I whipped up a meal for the girls. First time trying -- SAMSUI CHICKEN (similar to what they are serving at SOUP RESTAURANT) and ma po doufu (goes really well with rice)! YUM! oh oh...n there's cabbage soup also! How can i not have soup! I must say, I'm not bad. All my patrons said it was delicious! I even made the rice chicken rice style! The girls and boys told me the chicken was great and that I should consider opening a restaurant! haha. Thanks for the are too kind!
The all important Ginger dip! A must! It took me a while to blend the ginger that fine. It's really easy to make. Just add sesame oil, some salt and fish sauce to taste. Put the chicken onto a pc of lettuce (which unfortunately wasn't a hit that night coz they were too busy eating my rice!), add on the ginger dip, wrap the lettuce and gobble it up!

Orchids, sponsored by dear Orchid King-- Ah Joo! Didn't know that orchids came in so many colours!
The girls, busy stringing the flowers into a garland. The boys, making loads of noise and going gaga over PS2 games.

Baby looking all silly with flower behind his ear! hahahaThe final product. This is gonna be for the bride. The wedding is held at Rasa Sentosa, thus we thought this is totally appropriate. Chenyi, the groom, will get a yellow garland.

We hid in my masterbedroom and started our secret work. The boys were outside having a good time wonderin what was going on! Whoever invited them over in the first place!haha
The beautiful bride! The shorts is one of the 10 specially made for Chenyi. His being special. As u can see, there's a little ball in front of his erm...Balls! haha...n a yellow feathery tail behind. Dejavous for Chenyi I'm sure! He was the one who made the girls do the CHICKEN DANCE during one gate crashing event!

I'm seriously putting on pounds! Going to the gym dont seem to help!
Sisters power! Actually there were only 4 of us, but our good friends Pam and Xiaona came to lend a helping hand! Thanks to Xiaona, we had the chicken dance song! (Compliments of Chenyi! haha)

Xiuling looking sooo adorable! She's obviously one slim babe!

Hahahaha! the chicken beak! We had a hard time making them. I had to create a protocol before we started the production line. My origami skills came into play. I was the folder (I folded the beak), Xiaoyue, the improvisor' Pam, Liyun and Xiuling, the rubber banders and quality control, and Xiaona-- our model!!haha

Stay tune for more updates and photos of the wedding!


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