Thursday, November 06, 2008

Different Strokes, Different Frequencies. the world lacks love!

Was planning to make today a productive day, but hmmm...not quite.
Woke up late...after preparing the stuff for the soup of the day, we went out for lunch with friends. went house hopping again. I do understand the excitement of those involved in the project, but at times I don't understand my dearest who seem to be easily excitable over others' projects. Anyway, that took up almost the whole afternoon. was back home only at 4pm. Met Fabian at almost 530pm to discuss about my motor insurance. The whopping premium increased industry wide by almost 30%. I was paying abt $1.8k per annum, but this coming year, it's gonna hit $2.1k! are they nuts or what! Fortunately, Fabian managed to find me a good deal== $1.2k+. Cool. Can go on instalment somemore! Yeepee!

Had a good talk with this old friend, who gave me some tips. Went up to share it with sweetie. As usual, he is skeptical of what MY friends say. It's always the case -- his friends/ relatives are always giving him perfect and good advice, whilst what I say or my friends say are always nonsense and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Perhaps the people I mix with are not as brainy? I beg to differ. At least they are all plagued with life degrees or university degrees. So why judge them? I don't feel good when my friends are being judged. Just because there were instances when the tips didn't go through well. No man is infallible. We need to show respect for fellow beings. Sigh, sometimes I feel that it's just so tough communicating with the opposite sex. Can't the other party just be more accepting? Has he gone out more than 3 times with my friends? I really wonder why am I so receptive towards his group whilst he can't do likewise. Pehaps it's really a difference in culture.
Actually I think the world just lacks appreciation, respect and love for one another. Was telling Fabian about the "Sorry about that" message from a kid...and he shared with me his experiences too. After helping his clients with their claims of over $20k, they don't even bother to thank him. It's not the money that we are hardup over, but the appreciation. It's really sad.
Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here are some photos to share:

Tonight's simple dinner. A follower of my blog commented that I'm always posting pictures of food....haha, but i can't help it really excites me when I cook! (but not when i wash up!haha...fortunately sweetie helps in the washing)
By the way, in case you are wondering, The plate of meat is black pepper chicken. a little salty coz of the pre-made sauce I used and the bowl of yummy soup is Da Cai soup (Big vegetable soup-- literally translated!) Mommy used to bowl this soup only during CNY. she says that this veg isn't readily available. Thus when i saw it at Sheng Siong the other day, I GRABBED! However, sweetie doesn't like the bitter taste (wonder why since he likes bittergourd). Heng, my two other friends adored the soup. Yifei even told his wife to LEarn how to cook that particular soup!haha
Look at how sweetly our friend is sleeping after dinner!! Awwww like a baby!


krist4e said...


miss you and bee hoon and lessons and talking and asking lame questions ,
ur faithful reader kristie

Siang n Janice said...

OMG! I've got a comment frm my number one supporter!hahaha I miss u too gal! N am really rooting you on for your results!

btw, I'm running out of ideas on what to cook already! Always seem to be either chicken, fish, veg/ seafood cooked in more or less the same way *yawn*...dont know what to experiment next.

krist4e said...

there's only chicken , fish veg and seafood what -.- HHAA ! and you've done spagetti alr . Do japanese or korean , or some weird delicacy . HAHA ! OMG , SNAILS ! ESCARGORRR ~ .( issit spelt like tht ) LOL ! thanks , hope i'll get a ... 5 , or 6 , then im gonna chiong next year !! :D

krist4e said...

.. anw , coool dream . HAHA ! i found that if you have cheese before you go to bed, you'll have really whacky and weird dreams :D

Siang n Janice said...

hmm...Korean ah...hubby doesn't like kimchi looking stuff. French snails r ex my dear! You buy, I cook!haha

hmm..Cheese? I din have cheese the last couple of time, strange dreams I've been having..

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