Friday, November 07, 2008

Dream, Dream dream dream.....

For the last two days, I've been waking up in tears. Strange. Why do people cry in their sleep? I googled a bit and found that they might be depressed (perhaps I m over the economy but that's about it), or perhaps they dreamt of something sad (i seriously cannot recall the first dream). this morning however, the dream was vivid. I dreamt that I had a dog , a Jack Russell. For some reason, though that dog wasn't mine, somehow it's very attached to me. I craddled it as if it were a baby and it licked me lovingly too. Then all of a sudden, there's this really fierce looking dog (looks like a wolf actually) which chased after another dog. They zoomed into the nearby wet market. Screams echoed the entire place as they ran to the Poultry section. Minding my own business, but at the same time weary of that fierce looking dog, I entered the wet market gingerly, craddling my Jack Russell. Just then, that fierce dog came out, jumped up and bit my little Jackie on its BUTT! as if that was not enough, it somehow managed to grab my hand and use it to poke little Jackie! OMG! That is sooooo warped! but it really happened in my dream! N i was sooo stunned. I mean poor Jackie's eyes blinded by me!!! I guess that was when i started crying in my sleep. The story hasn't ended. Instead of going berserk, little Jackie was simply whimpering, as if knowing that it was about to die. I craddlled it and asked for help desperately. However no one seemed to be doing anything! Then, a man, standing next to me, asked me to listen closely. He told me that he heard a howl coming from above. I thought he was mad, telling me such things at a time like this. But later, I looked up and indeed there was a dog (big Jack Russell) howling on top of a HDB flat! The man told me it was time for little Jackie to join mummy and that it was animal instinct that if the puppy was about to die, mommy will know and will track him down and be with him during the last moments of his life. That was when I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Up a gazillion flight of steps and finally allowed both mother n pup (dont really know if it's a boy or girl) to reuniite.

NIce of not my story? Hey, it was a real dream ok! It felt so real. Wonder if it had any meaning to it, since I always hear of people having various interpretations of their dreams.


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