Sunday, November 02, 2008

Stephen & Elaine's Wedding

1 November 2008

Woke up at 10+ this morning though I did not have to help out in the morning session of the wedding. Had an appointment with Mink @ Cassey at 1230 to cut my super out of shape hair. He's a dime I tell u! Massaged my head whilst washing my hair until i almost fell asleep! N I'm always not worried when my hair is in his hands, coz I know he'll do a great job. People have warned me not to cut my hair on the day of an important event. Things might not turn out well, but i beg to differ. In fact, in this way, I Save money! haha, cut, wash, blow -- all at once! Next at 230pm, I had an appointment to do my makeup. Wanted very much to go to Bobbi Brown since I'm a supporter of their products, but dont like the idea of sitting by the counter n letting the whole world see me being painted. Thus i went to hollywood secrets @ paragon. Mistake. My first call to them was very much disappointing. The lady seemed to be busy and disturbed by people coming to the counter. She didn't even bother to ask me to hang on and went ahead to talk to some ang moh! Worst still, after 30sec into talking with that customer, she asked me to hold on but didnt put me on mute! Terrible rite? Didn't have a good feeling at that place too...didn't feel exclusive. N the cosmetics they use are so cheapo! No wonder they could charge $35 - 40 whilst Estee Lauder counters are charging $50! They were using products like ginvera and SILKYGIRL. wah about economic crisis. N their brushes looked utterly dirty and felt so damn pricky! I almost wanted to go back to get my horse hair Bobbi Brown brushes for her instead. was so worried her brushes would pierce my face! Whilst painting my face, the makeup artist (whom in my opinion isn't experience enuff), asked if i wanted add-ons like eyebrow shaping. I think my brows are pretty nicely shaped. but she said it wasn't that great, so ok additional $12. Next, i wanted false eyelashes coz I needed to look stunning that night...additional $12 again. totaly i spent $59. Not money well spent if you ask me.

Sweetie picked me up after that. we zoomed home to get changed and had to be at SHERATON by 5pm for rehearsal. I was the emcee for the night. Doing the English part whilst sweetie did the Mandarin. To be honest, I was a little jittery at first, but later I was fine. Friends commented that sweetie was like reporting the news!hahaha....they walked past me n said "Ask him to shut up la!haha"..jokingly of coz! Overall I think we did a good job...n shocked the hell out of the groom when we presented him with the pair of hot pants which his wife wore to attract him 4 yrs ago! Food was so dish -- herbal chicken. Going to the same place for another wedding dinner on 20th Nov....Hopefully I get to taste some other dishes. After-wedding party was at Party World....the bill I think came up to a whopping $1.3k! WEll with the amount of drinks ordered, it's no wonder. The groom was as expected a goner before the night was over. The bride however, kept rejecting our toasts thus was sober enough to bring her hubby back to the hotel. Groom was super farnie. He went round shaking everyone's hand and created a scene as if he were running for election! (he was a little high then). towards the end, he even cried! GOSH! A big boy crying! he was so emotional, he started thanking everyone as if he were some superstar having a concert! was really hilarious. Can't wait for the pictures to be out!

Being the emcee for the night, I had to make sure I looked my best! A gorgeous cobalt blue dress from F21...didn't had the chance to take a picture of the bare was shouting SKIN! haha...friends loved my burberry look-alike stockings..told them I bought them online and they were shocked! (wonder why)


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