Friday, November 28, 2008

Worst day ever!

The world is plagued with assholes. I'm appalled by the level of intelligence some human beings have. The aliens must be laughing their hearts out by the scene they are viewing.

This morning, I've received my 3rd summon since the hols started. This time, all thanks to an idiot who brainlessly parked right next to me on a two lane street. It baffles me as to what was going on in that driver's brain (if he has one at all). My car was parked along the left side of the street at 11pm. There were no cars whatsoever next to me at that hour. That spot was particularly chosen also because that house was not occupied ie under construction. Thus, though, it was an illegal parking (due to that silly single continuous white line in the middle), I did my best not to obstruct traffic or be a nuisance to those staying there. Alas! the night passed peacefully but at 550am, two police officers came banging at my door. ok, they didn't bang, but they rang my bell incessantly!! Hello! it's 550AM for crying out loud! I'm still in dreamland! Sweetie went to open the door and was told that our car was clogging up the whole street. Not even a bicycle could pass! He was appalled and confused, but at that hour and in that state of mind, he did not question the officer, who also did not offer much explanation. He merely told us there's another car there too and it was either He moves, or we move, or we both get towed away! So down my baby went to check things out (while I was still dressed in my sexy nightgown..haha), n guess what? A black Toyota Rav 4 was just next to me! I really Mean NEXT TO ME. it was just inches away and u'd definitely see that you are obstructing traffic, and that a car is next to u, when u open your door! That is if you are not drunk! We we speculating that perhaps the driver was drunk! Why else could he not see my car! I'm not a PRADO or a FORTUNER, but I would say my trusty car is of decent size! U can't miss it! Right after the Police officers came, a phone call followed! The shrill ring of the call shocked the hell out of me! It scared me out of my skin I tell u. The call started with "hallo, this is calling from bedok police station!"....oh my God.....sweetie said, when he answered the door and saw two officers, he thought they were there to arrest me and bring me to court coz perhaps I did not pay my fines. But I've always been a obedient Singaporean and make my payments on time.

Conclusion: that driver is an asshole, idiot and I would seriously like to hurl more abuses at him but I need to maintain my image. :-) Perhaps it was him who called the police. Perhpas he purposely parked his car there and have the police come, coz he knew that i was an "illegal immigrant"...and receiving a $70 fine was nothin to him coz he was probably a resident in one of the landed property. Rich snob! BUT HALLO, can't we be a little more friendly over here. First of all, to find a parking at my carpark isnt an easy thing to do, especially at the wee hours of the night. Secondly, owning a car isn't exactly the cheapest thing around (dont' tell me to take public transport. I would if i could. Time does not permit. Time is $$ in my line and I've been constantly let down by cabs, thus the car.)

Ok, at this juncture, u'd think that that's all for the day. nooooooooooooo you are sooooo wrong! I had to leave my house at 9am and I was looking for my car keys. Prior to that, sweetie said he's not sure if he had allowed sufficient space for house owner to pass, thus I told him to take the spare keys and shift the car if needed. Afterwhich he went for his game of golf. After a frantic 5 min search, i emptied out all my bags and pouches, but still no sight of my KEY. I called my dearest only to be given an irritated reply that he saw it lyin on the table. I've interupted his game. After a 15 min search, i gave up and cancelled my first lesson. I had to. no bus from my place went there. There were no MRT station nearby and to get a cab at that peak hour was practically impossible. So there. Lost of income for the morning. All due to the missing Key, which was later found LOCKED UP IN THE CAR! don't ask me how it got there! I seriously dont know. So moving along, I walked to the bus stop along Changi Road. That took me a good 15mins. waited for the bus for 5 mins and took all the way to Hougang. Had to head towards Hougang central but bus No. 25 did not turn in, so I had to alight along the main road. As I alighted, I tapped my ezlink card agst the machine, but somehow, it didn't get zapped. I tried several times, still not zapped. Frustrated, I alighted! I wanted to take a cab in, but thought it was silly as it's so near. Not knowing what bus turns in, I started WALKING. I must have walked at least 3 bus stops. Finally I arrived.

Now, I'm finally sitting in the comforts of my cozy little love nest. Hopefully tmw will be a better day. IT BETTER BE!!!! haven't meet my objectives and goals. Sigh and I'm going away this Saturday.....stress.

What a day!


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