Saturday, November 15, 2008

A visit down Haji Lane

Have always heard lots about Haji Lane, but have never been there. Today was an eye opener. Carol couldn't wait till Saturday and called me on Friday and off we went to Haji. It's an absolute heaven for photography.

People who came here certainly wanted others to know.

Is this cute or is this cute??? Made of the vintage GOOD MORNING cloth, this is a tissue box holder!!! Bought it at $12+ at SKYROOM
Sooooooo cute! They even have it lined! Kawaii des ne?

Carol bought this for her bf who often teases us about the GOOD MORNING series. She bought him mittens and an apron. Super original! It's a simple design too n the cost is cheap. Why didn't we think of it earlier!
SKYROOM's Display
Each shop along Haji Lane is really filled with treasures. Mostly are vintage-ly designed. This shop has loads of vintage toys in it. One of them is this wooden Toy Soldier.
Look at the roof. cool. But stuffy for some reason. Didn't really like the stairs i had to climb each time. I keep feeling I'm gonna roll down when I walk down.
Another cool feature in a shop. A bathtub filled with fish! NICE!
After an afternoon of shopping, (I didn't buy a single dress! Can u believe it??), our legs were aching and we walked over to Bugis to have dessert.
Cheesecake (A little jelly tasting, but the butter taste was nice); Mochi with red beans..yum...and Konyiachu jelly with mango on ice shavings (so so). All these for a whopping $22!!


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