Friday, November 21, 2008


Amidst the economic recession, even I'm not spared. despite having two new students, the latest to go was one China student of mine is facing problems from her company. Her company is retrenching, cutting pay etc etc, thus she can't carry on with me. well, her case was a bonus anyway, so I don't feel the pain. Just felt really sad coz people can't learn due to the crisis. n seems like it's gonna last for 5-7 yrs according to analysts! i really hope things start changing. Sigh, some people just have all the luck. At times like these, u can earn quite a bit too...but not my case...i'm just unlucky i guess...friend XXXX earned 6 figure from the market over the past mths!! wah lau..almost half a mil can? lucky wife of his is probably shoppin for her next Gucci or prada!

Revelation day today--PSLE results are out. overall, good job for Mathematics, loads of A stars...but Science seemed tough. mostly whom I thought would get into normal, managed to pull through to Express (He failed in Maths when I first took him and he got an A!!). others are stuck with the in-between grades. The good schools are higher than what they scored, but any lower and they have to join the leagues of neighbourhood school. nothing bad, but they are deprived of several options. This year, the top student did not get 294/300 as like last yr. Guess they realised u can't lose onli 3marks in compo for both languages n end up losing 6 mark in total! It's ridiculous. Anyway, I've been nagging and drilling. Those who worked hard were rewarded whilst those who did not, unfortunately would have to work harder. Word of advice for all --- choose wisely. Dont choose a school bcause of its CCA/ friends. Most importantly, it's the path it can lead u. The teachers and the environment. All the best!


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