Saturday, December 06, 2008

Malaysia RoadTrip 2008 -- DAY 1 @ Kuala Lumpur

After planning for months, our Malaysia Roadtrip finally got executed. Whoever backed out, would be a turtle, so guess what? Everyone's present! Took loads of photos....can only upload these so feast your eyes on them: The forbidden fruit of Singapore!

My baby look so handsome after a haircut @ KL's Sungei Wang. RM15 only!

This was where we stayed-- THE ASCOTT RESIDENCE. Nice right? Compliments of Wenni, we've got a good rate of RM900+. Tax itself was however a whopping 15%!

My shopping haul @ KL. The strawberry bedroom slippers were bought at Cameron Highlands whilst the turqoise pumps were bought at Genting. Revenge, coz the slippers I was wearing caused me to slip and fall! GRRRrrr...but the shoes were cheap and nice. n best of all, Malaysia was having SALE!

Lounge @ The Ascott

Chio chio Arty-Farty Chair right at the lounge

We booked a 3 bedroom apartment. Complete with 3 toilets, a dining, living and kitchen!

Our hunks! Jason, Seng, Xiang & Boon

3 chio babes

My room for the nightDinner was at this crazy place called Oversea Restoran. Our reservations was at 8pm but we din get to sit till almost 9pm! It's madness . The place was freaking crowded. Service was bad too. Everything we wanted to order was not available! Thank goodness we reserved the popular and famous Char Siew. Cam Whoring whilst waiting for the food.
There. This is the famous Char Siew. Very well barbequed.
This fish cost us RM120! Expensive by Malaysian standards. Dont understand where there were still so many people!
This suckling pig and roast duck sampler was real nice. Wanted to order a 2nd round but there wasn't any left! grrr

The BEACH. Went there with sweetie in 2003. The place still looks the same.

This was me in 2003. hmm...i haven't changed much right?

Boozing for a while @ a boring pub called Aloha. Filled with old men. Yucks

We walked all the way from Oversea Restoran to Zouk. It was quite a walk but it beats traffic. amazingly, it was still jammed up at 3am when Boon, Jason and Wenni went out to get supper for us at Jln Alor. KL's clubbing scene is very vibrant. The babes and hunks dont come out till midnight. The wait was worth it though. Standing outside Zouk, u'd gauranteed to drool! The babes are hot hot hot! But beware. Don't stare, they may be gfs of gangsters and you may end up being bashed

What we ate before heading up to Genting. YUM YUM! From left: Yong Tau Foo; Char Kway Tiao; Chee Cheong Fun; Kway Teow Soup (Very addictive soup)


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