Monday, December 15, 2008

Pasir Ris Hop

Several friends bought Pasir Ris flats (they are literally situated on the next street or next block! Cool), thus we decided to organise a Pasir Ris Jam! Hopped from one house to another. First it was Yifei's house:

Master Yifei enjoying his meal

Mistress of the house -- Xiaona...looking all happy, coz she managed to whip up a great meal!

Dining area where we had our meal. 中国风
steamed 饺子
Cold Dish...interesting combination -- Preserved eggs and ham
Japanese Curry -- Easy pre-made version
Coke Chicken. Coke was literally added. nice.

Fried 饺子!我的最爱!!

The $390 clock from MOLECULE, that the Mistress liked...I guess, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
Some of the boys went for their wkly game of soccer, thus the remaining few of us, having nothing to do, decided to tag along with Andy and Xiuling who are planning to buy a flat at Kallang MRT.
Excellent location. just 3mins away from the MRT station, and 5 mins to my favourite frog leg porridge at Geylang. There's even an NTUC, 2 foodcourts, 3 hair salons (duno why ppl there have so much hair to cut) and a few other shops. Talk about self sufficiency! Unfortunately, design wise isn't that great. A 5-rm unit measures only 110sq ft. ours is 121. the masterbed room (above) is so TINY! u put a queen size bed and that's about it! u can't even knock down the walls to the adjacent room coz that room is in an L shape. genius.
The person who designed this series must b someone who eats out all the time. the kitchen is freaking small. i did not exaggerate. look at the photo, u place a fridge, a stove, sink and that's about it. A few more cabinets n u'll get a real cluttered feel. You can't even put a dryer/ washing machine though they've allocated a tap for the washing machine. Simply Genius again. Andy says perhaps he should convert it into a Mahjong room! haha..even then, it's small!

The living and dining room is on the other hand HUGE! get place 6 MJ tables and open a gambling den!

after our walkabout at Kallang, we went back to pasir ris again..for another round of house warming. This time to friend Lipin & Elaine's house. Look at this lovely chair by the balcony. Very Barang Barang right? Well, they do sell it, but at at least double the price. Lipin bought it at Malacca at a fraction of the price! Cool

Camera shy.

After great curry & bee hoon (compliments of Lipin's Mom), it's time for some R&R


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