Monday, December 15, 2008

Spend spend spend!

It's terrible. The outflow is tremendously more than the inflow these two months. It hurts that it's the holiday and now that the festive period is comin, things are getting heavier for the wallet

Income tax season is nearing.........

See! All these receipts in ONE DAY!! at POPULAR bookstore i must have spent $200 at least! Then there's mini grocery shopping @ NTUC which cost me $90+....n dried stuff shopping at Fu HUA which amounted to $90+ too!...wah lau...cannot take it!!
Every receipt is close to $100! Sigh..wanna do some festive shoppin also cannot...everything cent seems magnified! Saw a simple dress today which costs $60! come on, it's just a simple plain cotton dress!! URGH...ok..i bought myself a pair of shoes today (see below)

See my new pair of slip ons! say oooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......It looks like a pair of GUCCI isn't it? well, it's from Charles and Keith! :-)...ok, i need to stop splurging on shoes. i have like 13 new pairs of shoes!! but i dont think i'll wear them all la, coz some are killer heels!


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