Monday, December 29, 2008

Unpredictable Life

Life is so unpredictable. A man who was once held by many for his everlasting looks, a man who is the envy of many women and men alike, a man who had a boyish charms, is now plagued by a genetic illness. The person whom I'm referring to is none other than my idol once upon a time -- Chew Chor Meng. He is suffering from Kennedy's disease, an incurable disease which causes the muscles to be wasted and weakened, resulting in him limping while filming for his latest role as Wang Zhongkun in Love Blossoms II. The show seems to be depicting his feelings and signs that he is having this illness. With today's scene showing that Zijing dreamt of him committin suicide. I certainly hope Chew will be strong in real life. Chew said that he was diagnosed with the illness in September of 2008, and that he alerted the local press as to his condition, but asked the press to not report it yet, as he was psychologically not ready for it. Chew originally planned on officially announcing his illness during the Star Awards 2008 ceremony, due to be held in March 2009. However, signs of his illness can be clearly seen already, and the news was hard to keep under wraps. He had a hard childhood and now, with this blow, it's really quite painful for him and his family.

Treasure your life. Be strong. Make the best of your life.


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