Sunday, December 07, 2008

Malaysia RoadTrip 2008 -- DAY 2 @ Genting

It was a mere 1 hr ride up Genting Highlands. Let the big money start Rolling in!! Into my pocket that is.

That's the hotel we stayed -- FIRST WORLD. Got not much of a choice. all the rest were fully booked. The hotel looks pretty decent on the outside, but erks on the inside. Read on and u'll know why.

Look what we saw in the carpark! OMG.....hopefully that wouldn't be the state of our car at the end of the trip!

This was the fateful room for the night. I didn't dare take my shoes off! It was a simple room with a bed and CRT Tv by the side. You'll have to crane your neck to watch tv. And if you are wishing for HBO, I'm afraid u'd be disappointed. there's only TV3 and Vision 4 and some other Msian channel. Even those Japanese Cartoons were in Malay! OMG

The small tiny sink and toilet we had to make do with. A far cry from The Ascott!

The entire Genting model. Uncle Lim was sure smart
THe place really changed. Loads of food outlets varying form Kenny Rogers to Ah Yat Abalone! We'll go there if we win big. Unfortunately, we didnt. :-(

Check out the crowd man! It's crazy. We arrived at 330pm but got to check in at 630pm! Almost died waiting!

THere was a ferris wheel and roller coaster ride in the building itself! I entertained myself with some Shopping. *WINK*

they are trying to be like the Venetian! Lame. The guy rowing hte Gondola isn't even real! Yet customers were queuing enthusiastically for their turn.
Our last meal before we head off to our next destinationBreathtaking view from the hills!


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