Sunday, December 21, 2008

The festive period is comin!

Feeling crampy...PMS signs are clear...but am trying to keep my spirits up for the festive period (despite being extremely tired). The long awaited Christmas is coming. last year we spent a white xmas in USA with Neil and family. This year, we are gonna throw a smashing Xmas party in our own crib. Gosh! It's been ONE YEAR! As cliche as it sounds, time really flies!

Went to the market and supermarket to do some grocery shopping....honey ham, smoked salmon etc are some of the must-haves. Here's a prelude to what we are gonna have on Xmas eve:

Apart from all the festivities, am starting on my detox plan. Bought a bottle of Pai du mei yan bao...took 2 last night n kind of did a minor flush out this morning...wasn't that powerful but it felt good! Have to sustain for 3 mths before the results start kicking in. Need to shed like 6kg! That's the amount of weight I've put on since my wedding! MY GOSH LA!

ok the crampy feeling is getting more intense, gonna go rest a bit...u'll just have to wait till Wednesday to find out if the party is going to be a success!


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